Plumbing Fixture Recycling in Waukegan, IL

Remodeling your property is an exciting process, but it can produce excessive waste. When we bring in new items to our property, many of us are confused as to what to do with our old things. Luckily, Waukegan, Illinois clients can bring their old plumbing fixtures to our recycling facility. While some plumbing companies may trash or destroy old fixtures, TKG will ensure that your outdated materials are put to good use. We do this through toilet recycling, sink recycling, pipe recycling, and other methods.

Recycling Services in Waukegan, Illinois

It is important to recycle because waste has a negative impact on our environment. Waste in landfill sites releases harmful chemicals and gasses that destroy natural habitats. TKG offers recycling services to help Waukegan, Illinois property owners create a safer environment. Our facilities are capable of recycling more than 75 percent of the debris that comes into the yard. Much of the material we receive is reused in new products such as mulch and the manufacturing of new metals.

Disposal of Plumbing Fixtures in Waukegan, Illinois

When disposing of items like plumbing fixtures, Waukegan, Illinois property owners may not be aware of the effects these materials can have on the environment. At TKG, we understand that you care about what happens to the materials from your property when you no longer need them. Along with spouting and plumbing fixtures, our recycling facility can accept lumber and framing material, siding and rooking, and windows and doors.

Recycle Plumbing Fixtures in Waukegan, Illinois

TKG offers recycling services for people in Waukegan, Illinois who are looking to dispose of their property items like plumbing fixtures without harming the environment. Our goal is to keep recyclable materials out of landfills with our environmentally sound waste solutions. We strive to give Waukegan, Illinois property owners options for improving our environment and minimizing waste.

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TKG Environmental Services Group LLC offers waste management services that help both you and the environment. With set procedures in place, TKG maintains a competitive advantage for dumpster rentals, recycling, and street sweeping services in the Waukegan, Illinois area. Plus, we comply with local ordinances that require construction and demolition projects to recycle 50 percent of waste — even going as high as 75 percent! With 24-hour service, our associates are ready and prepared to help you at any given time. Book online or give us a call to receive reliable, trustworthy, service that benefits you and Waukegan, Illinois’ environment.