Lumber Recycling in Waukegan, IL

Especially in Waukegan, Illinois, many different property renovation and development projects accumulate a lot of wood and lumber waste. With our services, you can easily dispose of the extra trimmings, shavings, and materials. Job site clean up has never been easier with TKG. With a simple call, you can easily make your waste disposal smoother and eco-friendlier. TKG Environmental Services Group LLC are the ones to call for efficient recycling service.

Wood / Lumber Waste Removal

Especially if you have a wood related project, you will benefit from TKG Environmental Services Group LLC. We help smooth out many contractors and property owners’ project processes with efficient waste removal and wood recycling. Our services can help those developing or renovating their woodshed, deck, patio, or porch. Our 10-yard dumpster helps clear up tree or fence removal projects; our 20-yard dumpster can clear deck demolition projects or house renovation. Our services help any wood/lumber related project.

Eco-Friendly Work in Waukegan, Illinois

With LEED certification and training, TKG employs effective green workers. Our recycling teams can take and reuse pallets, plywood, branches, clippings, and more. When you fill up our dumpsters, our team manages and sifts through your waste to recycle roughly 75 percent of what was disposed. When recycling lumber and wood, we distribute it in different markets in the form of mulch, heat, energy, and ADC. To help with improving the environment of Waukegan, Illinois, call TKG for your waste removal and recycling.

Reliable Recycling Service

TKG Environmental Services Group LLC strives for complete customer satisfaction. When you order a dumpster, you get the best in waste management service for Waukegan, Illinois. Previous customers have appreciated our help with full wood recycling. Our recycling even follows requirements set out by Waukegan municipalities. Our customers must simply load up the dumpster with the debris. After pickup, our green team begins recycling lumber, materials, shillings, and debris piled inside.

Book Online Today for Eco-Friendly Waste Management

TKG Environmental Services Group LLC offers waste management services that help both you and the environment. With set procedures in place, TKG maintains a competitive advantage for dumpster rentals, recycling, and street sweeping services in the Waukegan, Illinois area. Plus, we comply with local ordinances that require construction and demolition projects to recycle 50 percent of waste — even going as high as 75 percent! With 24-hour service, our associates are ready and prepared to help you at any given time. Book online or give us a call to receive reliable, trustworthy, service that benefits you and Waukegan, Illinois’ environment.