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Street and Municipal Sweeping

street-municipal-sweepingThe high costs of owning and maintaining sweeper fleets has prompted many municipal planners in Northern Chicagoland and Greater Milwaukee to contract with outside vendors for street sweeping service. Although declining tax bases and shrinking operating budgets are rapidly making municipal owned and operated sweepers a thing of the past in many metro areas, there is no reason you can’t keep your community’s local streets, roads, and highways clean. In addition to lower labor costs and capital equipment budgets, street sweeping extends the service life of paved surfaces and reduces clogged sewers and storm drains.

Street Sweeping and the Environment

Outsourcing your street sweeping is more than a strategy to reduce operating costs and lower liability. Regularly scheduled street sweeping service also ensures community compliance with EPA regulations and local clean air/water mandates. Street sweeping is a best practice that significantly reduces fugitive dust levels that pollute the air and contaminate storm water run-off.

What to Expect When Partnering With TKG for Street and Municipal Sweeping

  • A detailed initial cost survey and proposal covering specifications and curb mileages tailored to your community.
  • An exact cost of cleaning your streets which allows for easier budget planning.
  • Elimination of large capital outlays for sweeping equipment purchases and maintenance.
  • Reliable response to your unscheduled special needs
  • A customized sweeping schedule that takes into consideration local traffic conditions, parking patterns, and debris levels.
  • Dependable, uninterrupted sweeping service that eliminates service disruptions due to labor or mechanical problems.
  • The right street sweepers for the job. We know that matching equipment capabilities to sweeping requirements and debris levels is crucial to a successful program.
  • Cleaner, safer streets and highways at lower sweeping costs.

Contact The Street Sweeping Professionals

From emergency sweeps and accident response to regularly scheduled municipal service, TKG has the proper equipment and professionally trained staff to take care of all your street sweeping needs in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin. To schedule street sweeping service or request a proposal, contact TKG for further assistance.

"It is reassuring to know that TKG and the Village of Gurnee can work together for the safety and welfare of the residents and businesses in the Village.

Again, thank you for your assistance with the clean-up operations of sweeping the entire flood area after the flood waters receded."

- Village of Gurnee

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