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Parking Lot Sweeping Service

parkinglot_sweepingParking lot sweeping does more than simply boost the curb appeal of a business. Contracting with a sweeping service company to perform regularly scheduled cleanups significantly extends the service life of your parking lot and the floors inside your building. The dirt, dust, and fine particles commonly found on parking lot surfaces act as an abrasive that breaks down paved surfaces. These same dirt particles are tracked into your building, causing premature wearing of carpet and flooring. The cost of replacing your paving materials and flooring far exceeds the expenses associated with regularly scheduled sweeping.

Parking Lot Sweeping and The Environment

The dirt and debris collecting in your parking lot is more than an abrasive material that causes premature wearing of pavement and flooring. Micron sized particulate matter in your parking areas (dirt, sand, brake dust) can also harm the environment. During breezy conditions, fine particles found on parking lots become airborne taking the form of fugitive dust. These same pollutants contaminate storm water runoff when it rains. Regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping service ensures the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Even our Sweeper Trucks are Environmentally Friendly

TKG uses regenerative air sweepers that limit the amount of dust that is discharged into the air while sweeping. Regenerative air sweepers use a controlled blast of air to dislodge dirt and debris from the pavement surface. The dirt and debris is then sucked up by a pick-up head, where it flows into a hopper. Regenerative air sweepers also use small amounts of water to further minimize the spread of dust during sweeping operations.

Professional Parking Lot Sweeping at a Fair Price

All of our sweepers are radio dispatched with GPS onboard to ensure prompt and reliable service. TKG does the majority of its commercial parking lot sweeping after business hours, which minimizes the number of parked vehicles in the lot and allows us to thoroughly sweep the entire parking lot. Each of our drivers is professional trained in sweeping best practices and our staff is licensed and insured to protect you from liability. During a typical sweeping service call, customers can expect TKG cleanup crews to perform the following additional tasks:

  • Hand blow and/or broom debris away from building, and touch up corners
  • Coverage for curb-lines and other areas where trash accumulates
  • Hand blow debris from docks and dumpsters

All swept waste and debris is then responsibly disposed of at one of our dumpster locations.

Contact Parking Lot Sweeping Professionals

From one-time and seasonal service to regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping plans, TKG has the proper equipment and professionally trained staff to take care of all your parking lot sweeping needs. To request a proposal or schedule parking lot sweeping service in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin, contact TKG for further assistance.

"It is reassuring to know that TKG and the Village of Gurnee can work together for the safety and welfare of the residents and businesses in the Village.

Again, thank you for your assistance with the clean-up operations of sweeping the entire flood area after the flood waters receded."

- Village of Gurnee

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