Window Recycling in Arlington Heights, IL

As a company that offers recycling solutions for items leftover from construction, remodeling, and demolition of properties throughout Arlington Heights, Illinois, it’s no surprise that we also offer window glass recycling services. At TKG Environmental Services Group LLC, we can recover all sorts of materials from windows through our recycling services. Doing so helps prevent local landfills from unnecessarily filling up with waste materials that could instead be repurposed. Call today so that we can begin helping you together with your recycling requirements and answer all of your questions!

What Can We Recover from Recycled Windows?

The windows on properties in Arlington Heights, Illinois often have frames made of wood. At TKG, we are able to use the wood for a variety of different purposes, but glass is a different story. Recycling windows can be a dangerous task, especially since the windows are usually shattered when they arrive for repurposing. We can also recycle window frames of different materials. In case you have any questions as to whether or not we can recycle your windows, make sure to contact us!

What Do We Do with Recycled Materials?

If your window frames are made of wood, we are able to recycle them to produce mulch, energy, heat, and ADC. Our procedure for recycling windows allows us also to repurpose both plastic material and vinyl frames. If the frames are made from metals like aluminum, we can recycle them or sell them for parts depending on their condition. We are able to repurpose frames of varying types from almost any property in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Window Glass Recycling Services

One of our main goals in TKG is for our recycling solutions to lessen the speed of which local landfills in and around Arlington Heights, Illinois are being filled up. We also do not need to see possibly useful materials thrown away and lost in a mountain of garbage; you want to help the environment by reducing waste and reusing or recycling parts that can still benefit Arlington Heights, Illinois property owners.

Book Online Today for Eco-Friendly Waste Management

TKG Environmental Services Group LLC offers waste management services that help both you and the environment. With set procedures in place, TKG maintains a competitive advantage for dumpster rentals, recycling, and street sweeping services in the Arlington Heights, Illinois area. Plus, we comply with local ordinances that require construction and demolition projects to recycle 50 percent of waste — even going as high as 75 percent! With 24-hour service, our associates are ready and prepared to help you at any given time. Book online or give us a call to receive reliable, trustworthy, service that benefits you and Arlington Heights, Illinois’ environment.